Have computers that needs to be maintained? Have an awesome software idea that needs help becoming a reality? We can help. Our design philosophy is to have frequent communication with you so that your project can be exactly what you want. We understand that requirements change and we are able to adapt quickly.

You can see some of our projects on GitHub. Many of these projects are our own ideas that we wanted to have implemented.



Nibious LLC was created to support my projects and ideas. Let's be real, everytime you see "we" on this webpage, it is really only myself I am referring. Who is this "I"? Well, I am Owen Parkins. I am a New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology alumnus. You can see more at my website,

You may be wondering about where the name Nibious comes from. Well, it is rooted in the word 'nibble' (meaning half a byte), and I/O which is input/output. A long time ago I had the domain because I was too poor to have a .com domain. Eventually I made some money and bought this domain and just added the .us aspect into it. Many business majors will tell me that this is a terrible business name. And I tend to agree, but I like it so I'm rolling with it.